Did Anybody Catch Le Gala des Prix SOBA 2010?… Anybody?… Anybody at All?

Those of you who follow my work know that I recently interviewed Waahli Yussef of Nomadic Massive. So when I found out that they were nominated for Best World Artist or Group of the Year at Le gala des prix SOBA 2010, I was nautrally curious to see if they would win. Lynda Thalie ended up winning instead, but I digress.

Nomadic Massive at the 2009 Montreal Jazz Festival

Nomadic Massive at the 2009 Montreal Jazz Festival

If you don’t know what is this gala is all about, you’re probably not alone. The award ceremony has only been around for four years and this was the very first time that they actually televised the event.

SOBA stands for Sounds of Blackness Awards and it is a ceremony dedicated to black music in Quebec. It was televised on MusiquePlus and MusiMax this past February 28th at 8 PM, which was, of course, the exact same night of the closing ceremony of the Winter Olympics.

Let me see if I got this straight. There’s finally an awards ceremony in Quebec dedicated to black music and this is the time slot that they get. I know that February 28th also happens to coincide with the ending of Black History Month, but still. I’m guessing that the people at SOBA are glad that the Winter Olympics happen only once evey four years.


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