I’m Blogging

Welcome to my brand spanking new blog. For those of you who know who I am (all three of you), you know that I’m a Montreal-based freelance writer who covers TV and media. I’m currently writing for a web site called Suite101.com and the purpose of this blog is to complement that work.

My Suite101.com stuff will continue to look at the TV and media in a journalist style, while this blog while allow me to write more opinionated pieces where I get to use “I” statements and write from the perspective of a smart-ass. Oh yeah…  I also get to use the word “ass” once in a while. Basically, if I just feel like saying Yada Yada, I will do it, but at the same time, that does not mean that this blog will serve as an excuse to spread false rumors or publish material without fact checking.

Also, I like the idea of having a website url that is easy to remember because it doesn’t have a million letters in it. Bravenewtv.wordpress.com will also have links to my more serious Suite101.com stuff, so it will act as a one stop shop for all my written work.

The name is a tribute to Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World, a satirical piece of fiction that has often been compared to George Orwell’s 1984. The reason why I choose this name is because I also want this blog to serve as a vehicle for critical media analysis and not just spit out reviews of the latest reality TV disaster (Though to be honest, a blog regarding Seinfeld’s The Marriage Ref is forthcoming).

I actually wanted to call this blog Brave New Media as I would like to talk about other aspect of media as well, but that name on WordPress was already taken. So it will have to be Brave New TV for practical reason.

So here it is. Let the Yada Yada begin.


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  1. ladyjaye75

    Well, congrats for the new blog! I can see that you’ve already had quite a bit to say about what’s going on in the media. 😀

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