How to watch US DTV in Canada for free and without an HDTV

Watching WPTZ (NBC) in Montreal for free

Watching WPTZ (NBC) in Montreal for free

In cities like Montreal, Toronto and Victoria, some are paying for American TV signals, not knowing that they’re already getting them for free.




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2 responses to “How to watch US DTV in Canada for free and without an HDTV

  1. Sarah

    I’ve had an HDTV since the beginning of the year, and even though no US channels come through with my ordinary rabbit ears (alas, too much interference from the port, plus I’m at a lower altitude than you are), I can say that I’m impressed with the quality of the Canadian DTV signals. The other day, there was a documentary about undersea life at Découvertes, and it was just stunning to watch it. I’m sure the experience would not have been nearly as nice on an analog feed.

    I also saw the other day how compressed the signal is over at Illico, at least on Space. The latest Doctor Who episode really didn’t look too good visually because of the compression issues (not to mention the never-ending commercial breaks). Too bad that the CBC no longer airs the show!

    • Regarding the CBC and Rad-Can DTV, it appears as if their DTV transmitter is located at the Olympic Stadium. Hence why I, here in the west end, can’t get a signal. The mountain and the downtown buildings end up blocking it. But you can because you’re in the east. But hey at least get the US networks instead. It came in quite handy last night as Global was having technically difficulties with SNL. We went into the other room watched it on WPTZ DTV instead.

      Also, I failed to mention in the article that the Tele-Quebec DTV signal came in perfectly fine. It was the only Montreal signal that did actually. Rad-Can came in briefly, then disappeared and I didn’t really feel like looking for it again. CBC DTV still has yet to be found.

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