Betty White hosting SNL… only a few days left (Update)

Betty White on Beat The Clock

Betty White on Beat The Clock

Just a reminder folks, don’t forget to set your PVRs.

Only one week left until Betty White hosts Saturday Night Live for the very very very first time ever. It happens Saturday May 8th at 11:30/10:30 Central on NBC and Global, as part of a special Mother’s Day episode.

More info on Betty White hosting SNL found via See also Betty White is ‘scared to death’ to host ‘Saturday Night Live’ via The LA Times.

For more info regarding the photo on the left, which was taken at CFCF studios in Montreal, visit this entry on the Coolopolis blog. If I’m pointing out this blog entry, it’s because it is quite interesting, and it has nothing to do with it mentioning me by my full name.

Did you buy that?… No. Okay, moving along.

Coolopolis also mentions my Facebook group where you can find a couple more Betty White photos and other vintage CFCF 12 pics, courtesy of Dan Kowal, CTV Montreal Engineering Supervisor.

By the way, just in case you’re wondering, White is 88 years young.

UPDATE (May 5th): You can watch the SNL promos with Betty White here.



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3 responses to “Betty White hosting SNL… only a few days left (Update)

  1. Sarah

    I love Betty White! No matter what she was in, she was always great, whether in Mary Tyler Moore, Match Game, or Golden Girls. And I’m sure she’ll be just as memorable in SNL.

    Now, how about that crazy lady who worked with her on MTM, Phyllis herself: Cloris Leachman? She’s still active and out there (and as endearing in real life as annoying as her character was in Mary Tyler Moore).

    Here are two ladies that just show that you can age gracefully and that you don’t need a gazillion plastic surgery procedures…

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  3. nice blog.thanks for your info.

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