CJNT puts out a promo!

CJNT 62- Cable 14

CJNT 62- Cable 14

I saw a promo on CJNT-TV the other day.

Yes that’s right, an actual promo.

As far as I can recall, it could be the very first one, ever since Channel Zero took over. But since I can’t confirm that it actually is, for now I’ll just say they’ve been few and far between lately (3-second station IDs not included). But things may be changing.

The former E! Network affiliate used to run a lot of promos under CanWest, but as soon as the little TV station that could changed ownership, programming was replaced with Indie and World Music Videos and promos were replaced with PSAs, Heritage Minutes and even promos for sister networks like Silver Screen Classics and Movieola.

The promo, by the way, was for their presentation of “Cannes Film Festival” related movies from May 12th to the 23rd. CJNT can be seen in Montreal on UHF 62, cable 14, across Canada on Bell TV channel 207 and throughout much of Ontario on Rogers Digital Cable 122. Remember, CJNT is a multilingual station, so be prepared to read a lot of subtitles… unless, of course, you speak a language other than English or French.


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