Remember when Cablevision offered 11 Channels?

Remember Cable with Mabel?

From the TV Hat archives, here’s a 1975 print ad for cable TV and for Montreal’s local community outlet, Channel 9.

The ad promises a number of things including “a greater choice of programming” with “11 channels.”

11 Channels!

My, things were quite different in the ’70s.

A closer look reveals a few other things that are interesting. Back in 1975, the local cable company was known as Cablevision, not Videotron. What eventually became known as CF Cable in the ’80s was simply known as Cable TV in the ’70s. Finally, what is now known as Vox, was once known as CECO Channel 9. Of course CECO wasn’t an official set of call letters since cable-only TV channels aren’t required to have them. Also, Canada doesn’t have call signs which begin with CE.

According to wikipedia:

Canadian broadcast stations are assigned a three-, four-, or five-letter base call sign (not including the –FM or –TV suffix) beginning with CBCFCHCICJCKVAVGVOVX,VY, or XJXO.

So not only does CECO not meet the criteria, but strangely enough VOX does, even though this seems contrary to what most people would assume. But I digress. Vox isn’t listed as an official CRTC call sign, in any case, given that Channel 9 is not available over the air.

Speaking of Vox, there’s an interesting piece on the current sorry state of local community TV over at the Fagstein blog.


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