Finding the FIFA World Cup soccer games on Canadian TV is easy

Good news for viewers; all matches from South Africa will be televised. However, for those who crave the 3D hype, options may be limited.

Read more at Suite101: Finding the FIFA World Cup Soccer Games on Canadian TV is Easy. (Includes info about non-TV options like radio and internet)
By the Way: I found this World Cup TV Schedule on another blog, which is actually easier to read than the one the CBC has online. Plus, it includes the Telelatino (TLN) games and even tells you which ones are in Spanish and Italian. Finally, if you really want to torture yourself with American coverage, there’s this schedule, which includes the ABC games.


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4 responses to “Finding the FIFA World Cup soccer games on Canadian TV is easy

  1. Hey there, this is the author of the blog that you linked to that has the CBC, Radio-Canada and TLN games. I’m glad that you like the schedule I posted.

    Actually come to think of it, the schedule on the 90th Minute Blog was one that I made, whoever authors that blog copied and pasted it without my permission. Nice to know.

    Anyway ABC’s coverage isn’t “torture”. All of their main commentators are British and Martin Tyler was working today’s game (USA-ENG) and he is the best in the business. In fact Johh Helm, who was doing the match on CBC, is what I’d consider torture. I know in the past football was hard to watch on ESPN, but it is a lot better now.

    • Sorry about that other blog stealing your stuff. That has happened to me too in the past.

      As for ABC, I must confess, I haven’t watched soccer on that network in recent years. So maybe I’m do due to give then a second chance.

      • Yea its worth a shot checking out ABC, their coverage of EURO 2008 and this year’s World Cup are much better than the 2006 World Cup and before. If you want a good match to watch check out Brazil vs. Cote d’Ivorie next Sunday on ABC. Martin Tyler will call the match with Efan Ekoku as the analyst. Tyler is the #1 commentator for Sky Sport and considered the best there is, while Ekoku does Premier League highlights for BBC.

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