Memo to Venus Williams: Chew your food before speaking to reporters

When asked about her success at Wimbledon, this is what Venus Williams had to say, via a recent telephone conference call to reporters:

Obviously it’s where tennis started (chew, chew), so it’s pretty exciting (chomp, chomp). I always dreamed of doing that when I was younger (total monotone), so to be able to make my dream come true every year is wonderful (chew, swallow).

Read more at The Montreal Gazette article titled Worst Conference call. Ever. Mmm… Wait a minute… Something about that title sounds just a little familar… You don’t suppose… No… Can’t be… That would mean that someone is actually reading this blog.

By the way, Williams will be playing at this summer’s Rogers Cup in Montreal, August 13 to 22.

UPDATE July 28th: This blog entry has been expanded into a complete article where I mention the other sister, Serena, as well some of the other players in both Toronto and Montreal. Read more at Suite101: Venus Williams at the 2010 Rogers Cup on CBC, TSN and ESPN2


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