Returning this fall to CHCH… American TV. (Also CJNT rebrands again) is reporting that Channel Zero has purchased US imports to air on CHCH-TV, the station which has been airing nothing but news and movies this season. The list includes a large number of shows currently on Sun TV, which begs the question, what will be on Sun TV?

(UPDATE: The reason why Sun TV isn’t holding on to these shows is likely related to the launch of the new Sun TV News Channel. Apparently, Quebecor is hoping that it can trade in its local Toronto Sun TV license for a national license. Time will tell whether or not this will work.)

This fall on CHCH:

  • Chuck
  • Supernatural
  • Smallville (Yes, this is still on the air)
  • 60 Minutes
  • 20/20
  • 48 Hours Mystery
  • NightLine
  • Jimmy Kimmel Live also reports that CJNT Montreal will be rebranding yet again. They will become known as Metro 14 (named after its cable channel position). As an individual in another forum points out, CJNT has changed its identity quite often. For those of you keeping score, that’s five times over a 13-year period, assuming we include its cable-only predecessor TEQ. Six if you count that very brief CH Horizon phase and CH as separate brands. That’s a change in identity every two to three years, on average.

Here’s the complete list of CJNT’s multiple personalities:

  • TEQ
  • CJNT – 1997
  • CH – 2001
  • CJNT (Again) – 2007
  • Metro 14 – Fall 2010

No mention on whether or not CJNT… er… I mean Metro 14 will air US imports as well, but something tells me it’s only a matter of time.

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