G20: Global TV News caught lying to viewers in a really stupid way

According to the Northern Insights blog, “Global TV salted its report by adding unrelated footage to its video report on the Toronto G20 demonstrations.”

Apparently, what it boils down to is that it didn’t occur to Global that viewers would notice anything suspicious regarding their footage of hooligans destroying a newspaper distribution box in Vancouver, in their story about at a protest which supposedly took place in Toronto.

Oh… and did I mention that the footage shows the words “Vancouver Sun” clearly visible on the newspaper stand?

Also, the blog states the Global TV created the impression that attendance at the G20 protest was lower than expected by quoting  an attendance figure which they pretty much pulled out of their ass.

Read the full story, complete with video, here.


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One response to “G20: Global TV News caught lying to viewers in a really stupid way

  1. Norman Farrell

    Global TV plays games again. Anyone know the name of their senior director of editorial policy? That would be the unidentified person who conducted a full review of reporter Catherine Urquhart after she was congratulated by a Liberal campaign official for being a candidate’s “communication director.” That person, whomever it is, found nought amiss. Sure.


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