CRTC says no to Sun TV News Category 1

According to a letter sent to Quebecor from the CRTC on July 5th, Sun TV News’ request will be rejected unless they’re willing to forgo a Category 1 license. For those of you who don’t know, the main difference between Category 1 and 2, in a nutshell, has to do with whether or not cable companies will be forced to carry the service.

Quebecor’s Kory Teneycke says this won’t stop them from launching an all news channel and that he will makes changes to the application, but he’s being tight-lipped as to just what the modified request will look like.

So what that means is that we have completely no clue as to what’s going to happen.

Just kidding.

Actually, what I’m pretty sure will happen is that he will simply apply for a Category 2 license instead. How do we know this? Well we already know he’ll have to forgo the must-carry status of Category 1. The CRTC pretty much already gave away that peice of the puzzle by way of the letter. Aside from that, there really aren’t very many facts to look at, so I’m not sure why Teneycke is being so mysterious.

However, let’s look at the facts any way.

The Globe and Mail has already stated that a Category 2 license is one of two options he has left at this point. The second option is something I talked about in a previous article, as far back as June 22nd, whereby I pointed out that Sun News could forgo the hassle of applying for a licence altogether and just run the local over-the-air Sun TV, like is if it’s an all-news channel.

Now while Teneycke is being vague about what he will do, he has, however, quickly ruled out that second and only other option. So all that leaves is… well… you do the math.

Really the only other possibility is that he has a third solution involving something like a sack full of magic beans. Judging by how assertive and overly confident he’s been throughout this entire process, I wouldn’t leave that past him. But for now, we’ll stick with the reality of only two possible solutions to this problem regardless as to whether or not he is able to admit that.

By the way, even though he’s denied the possibility of just simply using the local over-the-air license, I still think he’s probably keeping that option on the back burner, just in case, all his other efforts fail. That’s what I would do in any case… not that I would want to give Quebecor any ideas or anything like that.



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