CBC’s 18 to Life considered controversial… really? (Update: cancelled by The CW)

Maclean’s magazine is shocked by what US critics are saying about the CBC hit show 18 to Life. The show, which is filmed in Montreal, has received some negative reviews following its US debut on The CW, but a couple of them are for reasons people weren’t even expecting.

The show is about two 18-year-olds who get married on a dare and what it boils right down to is that there are TV critics out there who find the premise of a teen legally having sex with his wife in his parents attic just a little too much.

Here’s what Megan Angelo had to say:

What is it that makes this so creepy, even though the kids have made it legal? It’s that they’re still kids. And even actors can’t mask the fact that it’s unnatural to watch kids behave like they’re as entitled to sex as they are to silly bands. Somehow, trying to legitimize the whole thing only makes it worse — and usually, the CW doesn’t try.

She then goes on to explain how it’s somehow different when other CW shows exploit teenage sexuality because no one takes the plot of 90210 seriously.

To be fair though, of the two negative reviews that Maclean’s refers to, the one above is really just a blog… er… not that I have anything against blogs. They’re great! Keep reading!… As I was saying, one of them is a blog on the TV section of The Wall Street Journal website and let’s face it, who really gets their entertainment recommendations from The Wall Street Journal? Besides, there’s also a factual error in the very first paragraph. Bonus points if you can find it.

When I myself caught the first couple of episodes, I do remember thinking, is it just me or are these young kids just little too comfortable with their sexuality for a show that’s been picked by American television? However, I didn’t really think much of it at the time, yet judging by these reviews, apparently, it wasn’t just me after all.

Fortunately not everyone agrees with these two critics. One comment below Angelo’s review reads like this:

Dan wrote:
Strange that the premise is the big issue here. Would have thought the cliched dialogue and characters would have drawn more criticism. To label it ‘creepy’ is to miss the point.

UPDATE AUG. 19th: 18 to Life has been cancelled in the US.


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