The return of simsubs to CJNT (Metro 14 Montreal)

CJNT 62- Cable 14

CJNT 62- Cable 14

Remember when I said:

No mention on whether or not…Metro 14 will air US imports as well, but something tells me it’s only a matter of time. (See: )

Turns out I was right. The simsubs have already begun for some shows. So far, few people have noticed except for a couple of complaints on Facebook regarding image quality issues. There will still be music videos in the daytime and foreign films most nights at either 8 or 9 PM. The bad news is that now there will be a little less of that on the new Metro 14, than there was before.

List of new shows on CJNT (Simsubs are in Bold):

  • Chuck (Simsub NBC, Starts Mon. Sept. 20th at 8:00)
  • Supernatural (Fridays at 9:00, simulcast with the CW)*
  • Smallville (Fridays at 8:00, simulcast with the CW)*
  • 60 Minutes (Simsub CBS Sundays at 7:00, Already started)
  • 20/20 (Simsub ABC; Starts Fri. Sept. 17th at 10:00)
  • 48 Hours Mystery (Simsub CBS, Already started)
  • NightLine (Simsub ABC, Already started)
  • Jimmy Kimmel Live (Simsub ABC, Already started)
  • Everybody Hates Chris (Weeknights at 7:30, Already started)
  • Sportsline (From CHCH, Weeknights at 7:o0, Already started)
CJNT-TV, the little station that could, can be seen in Montreal on UHF 62, cable 14 and across Canada on Bell TV channel 207. The station can also be viewed throughout much of Ontario on Rogers Digital Cable 122.


*UPDATED October 9th 2010 to reflect that Smallville and Supernatural have moved to Friday.

UPDATE #2: Following months of delay, CJNT-TV has revealed what their new logo will look like. The new Metro 14 Montreal logo appeared on February 2nd 2011.



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4 responses to “The return of simsubs to CJNT (Metro 14 Montreal)

  1. Lydia Barrette

    I am from Montreal, and i always watch Supernatural on each friday at 09h00 pm on chanel 14 (CJNT) now on METRO 14, but last friday the 02-11 , was not on the air , they says that it was re-schedule on saturday the 02-12 at 09h00. Now i want to kwow is it still will be aired on each friday or it will now be schedule on Saturday
    Thank You
    Lydia Barrette

    • I haven’t checked with Metro 14 so I can’t confirm one way or the other. My guess was that last Friday was an exceptional situation, given that 20/20 was expanded to two hours and that CJNT needed to do something in order to deal with the scheduling conflict.

  2. Hi;
    Yesterday the 29 of april i was waiting to watch Supernatural but instead you decide to put the Royal Wedding . Why oh god why do you decide to do that. The Royal Wedding was on almost all of the US and UK channel.
    So why you decide to let us watch that instead of Supernatural…. i am very upset at your decision. Did you plan to let us watch Supernatural at on other date like today or it will be aired on next friday.
    Please let me know ASAP
    Thank you

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