The new and improved $h*! My Dad Says… Still so-so

Those of you who read my recent advanced review of $h*! My Dad Says and watched the pilot may have noticed something a little odd. My description of the episode didn’t quite entirely match what was aired on TV. I should explain that the copy that was sent to me by CTV, did include a warning which read “casting not final.”

While I was not surprised to see a few last minute changes, I wasn’t expecting to see so many modifications to the script as well. As bad luck would have it, just about everything I chose to mention in my preview happens to be items that were changed. But I digress. I just wanted to point this out so that you would know that my review wasn’t something that I just pulled out of my butt.

At any rate, the so-called improved version of $h*! My Dad Says didn’t really change my opinion. Yes, they got rid of a few things that didn’t work, like that god-awful fake heart attack scene. At the same time, they also got rid of many of the things that actually did work.

I’m not sure what was the point of replacing the actor who plays the son, Henry, with a Tobey Maguire look-a-like. I don’t really have anything against Jonathan Sadowski, but the uncanny resemblance is a total unnecessary distraction considering that there was nothing wrong with the original actor. Unfortunately the changes in the script also meant that some of my favourite lines had to be deleted. My only hope is that, perhaps, they will use those jokes in later episodes.

If anything at all, the last minute tweaking is a reminder that the show didn’t do well with focus groups or critics and since the new version isn’t really an improvement, that could mean that the problems are too big to fix. The good news for CBS is that the first episode did fairly well in spite of negative reviews but even that could have more to do with the time slot than anything else. My rating still stands. $h*! My Dad Says is so-so at best.


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