CJNT: We have a logo (Updated)

Metro 14 Montreal (CJNT-TV)

Metro 14 Montreal (CJNT-TV)

CORRECTION: There was a misunderstanding regarding the date of Metro 14 Montreal’s debut. It will be on February 2.

Following months of delay, CJNT-TV has revealed what their new logo will look like, as the station will finally become known as Metro 14 Montreal.

In addition, CJNT will also replace the generic names for it’s programming. For an example, Top 40 Music Videos will be renamed The Main Line and Canadian Indie Music Videos will be known as True North Music Videos. It looks like the change will officially take place on February 2.

There’s also a new website coming soon at www.metro14.ca. Actually, the link already works but if you go there right now, you’ll find mostly outdated information from the CanWest Global era.

As a disclaimer, it should be pointed out that this is not the first time CJNT has promised us a new name and logo in the coming weeks. The switchover was originally supposed to occur in the fall. This time, however, given that they actually produced the new logo and a schedule, it’s probably for real.

If you want my two cents, all I’ll say is that it’s nice to see a Montreal TV logo with an actual channel number. It feels like local television is still alive. Take note CTV.



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