50 years of CFTM-10 TVA. Remember Télé-Métropole?

CFTM-10 1969 logo

CFTM-10 1969 logo

CFTM Channel 10 in Montreal went on the air on February 19 1961, just a few weeks after CFCF, and like CTV Montreal, TVA has also put up a whole bunch of vintage clips and pics on their website.

Happy 50th CFTM-10!

To me, you will always be CFTM-10 and not TVA. Now here are some interesting trivial facts about the TVA-CFTM relationship from the TV Hat archives (edited and updated):

And the owner is…

CFTM-10 was formally owned by Télé-Métropole. At one point, Télé-Métropole bought out Pathonic which owned four TVA stations including Quebec-City and Sherbrooke. The Sherbrooke station, Télé-7, used to be available in the Montreal area via cable, and had a radically different schedule compared to CFTM. With the exception of local news, all four Pathonic stations carried the same schedule as its Quebec City flagship station, Télé-4, while the other TVA stations carried Télé-Métropole programming. When Télé-Métropole bought Pathonic, they decided to change their name to Groupe TVA Inc. Now all stations carry more or less the same programming. TVA was purchased by Vidéotron Ltée. which itself is currently owned by media giant Québécor, by way of a deal approved by the CRTC in 2001.

CFTM ID - late 80s

CFTM ID - late 80s

CFTM has its own time shifting feed

TVA is available on the west coast but, unlike Radio-Canada, TVA doesn’t actually have any local stations in British Columbia. The TVA West feed is nothing more than a machine which records the CFTM signal from Montreal and then spits out the exact same programming 3 hours later for the benefit of cable and satellite viewers living on the other coast. Therefore, it can be argued that CFTM is the only local station to have its own time shifting feed.



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4 responses to “50 years of CFTM-10 TVA. Remember Télé-Métropole?

  1. camille filion

    j,ai 8o ans j,ai bien aimer votre programme hier soir les vieux chanteurs vou

    s devriez en faire a l,année nous les personnes âgée avons rien a la tl
    pour nous divertir .
    merci pour hiersoir

  2. msacc

    je me souviens les caillous, symphorien, toast et cafe, capitaine bonhomme… ahhh… ce sont les jours

  3. I’M LOOKING FOR A OLD PROGRAM OF REAL GIGUERE 1970 OR 71 WENT A MEN PUT A NEAIL TRUE a pease of wood whit is hand my e mail is langiscaron98@gmail.com

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