WWBI TV-27 now officially dead

Since SMC Communications, the owners of WWBI-LP Channel 27 Plattsburgh, never filed a renewal application, the license is now cancelled and the call sign WWBI-LP has been deleted by the FCC on March 29. Note that they have been off the air since mid-2007, according to Wikipedia.

Some background

Launched in 1992, TV-27 was  promoted as an independent cross-border station. In the early days of its existence, they placed radio ads on CHOM-FM, including ones for Married with Children reruns. While it has been extremely difficult to pick up their UHF signal over-the-air in Montreal, it was not impossible. I myself have watched a somewhat snowy WWBI in LaSalle back in 1995. But overall, success in reaching an audience up here has been, for the most part, nonexistent.

The station was actually supposed to be added to Videotron’s digital cable line-up in 2004, yet that never worked out either. As a Pax TV affiliate at the time, WWBI even appeared in the illico on-screen program guide on Channel 56, but due to a technical difficulty, the programming was actually that of PAXSAT, Pax TV’s national satellite feed. I was informed, via email, from a source in New York State that they were working on the problem but the issue was never resolved and Pax was removed from Videotron in 2005.

Other network affiliations throughout the station’s history included UPN, Daystar Network and ion (the new name of Pax TV).

(Thanks to @UnWeirdo on twitter for the FCC update)



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4 responses to “WWBI TV-27 now officially dead

  1. ladyjaye

    I remember you telling me about watching Mystery Science Theater on channel 27 way back in the day…

    Wasn’t it also PAX that aired that wonderful infomercial where they were selling “collector’s” jackknives (which I dubbed the street gang starter kit)?

  2. Latham368

    Too bad to hear that. I used to work at WWBI from 1995 to 1999. It was a real small station to work for, and we had our share of equipment malfunctions, but still it was a good experience.

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