A Steve Hatton Blog

Contact: tvhatton@yahoo.ca


Steve Hatton is a Montreal-based freelance writer and journalist who covers the television industry, including TV show reviews and media analysis.

He developed his craft at Montreal’s Concordia University, where he obtained a BA in Creative Writing. His studies also enabled himself to broaden his interests. Not only did Concordia allow him explore the greats of English literature, but his studies at Vanier College, prior to that, also enabled him to explore his interest in media and film as he obtained a college degree in Communications.

As a university student, he did what most fellow writers did to get attention – he volunteered for one of the school papers, The Concordian. But in addition to that, from 1993 to 2001, he submitted articles to The Park Extension News, a local community newspaper serving the north-end Montreal neighbourhood where he grew up. His work there got him in the door of that industry and he became a full time reporter for a much bigger paper known as The Chomedey News (now The Laval News), from 2001 to 2002.

He also started publishing articles online on his own website (TV Hat – defunct, but now archived), over a five-year period. As a result, he developed a reputation as a local media expert. A number of TV insiders have contributed to his site as well as his Suite101.com articles, including Sidney M. Cohen, the director of Inside The Box on TVtropolis.


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