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Aaron Rand on life after CFQR: I don’t think I’m done

His final morning show at 92.5 the Q will be on Thursday, but those who think that this will be the last time we hear him on Montreal radio may be wrong.

“I don’t think I’m done,” was his answer when asked if he’s going to miss radio. “I’m looking at the possibility of doing some other things. I’ve had some talks with people and hopefully something will come from it.”

Would any future radio plans for Rand include Paul Zakaib, better known as Tasso Patsikakis, his sidekick throughout most of his career?

More of my interview with Aaron Rand at


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World Music now on Montreal’s new CKIN 106.3 FM

The home CKDG FM and now CKIN FM on Parc Avenue

The home CKDG-FM and now CKIN-FM on Parc Avenue

There’s a new radio station on the Montreal FM dial and while they’re not officially on the air yet, they are in the testing phase, which means you can listen to them right now. They’re to be known 106.3 CKIN-FM, pronounced SKIN, according to a plugs heard on that station as well as on sister station, CKDG 105.1 Mike FM. So far CKIN has been playing non-stop World Music, but there will also be spoken word programming once the station launches.

I am just a little surprised that this license was approved given that CKDG is not really very well known. If you already have one tree falling in the forest, not making any sound, why would you want a second one? True, Mike FM’s problems may be related to their crappy signal more than anything else, but still, it’s to the point where if I even mention CKDG in casual conversation, I know I’ll have to explain just what 105.1 Mike FM is and answer questions like, is that a Montreal station and are you sure you’re not confused with 105.7 Rythme FM?

CKDG is the one that plays Classic Hits during the morning and afternoon drive and muliticultural programming, the vast majority of which is in Greek, at other times. Now that CKDG is giving birth to a second radio station, a greater variety of world sounds will get airplay and given the success of Putumayo CDs, a station playing World Music on FM may be a good thing. Let’s just hope people can actually find their signal this time.

Speaking of crappy signals, the problem may be corrected eventually, at least as far as CKDG is concerned. They’ve made an application with the CRTC to move the 105.1 signal over to 106.7 FM. It should be noted that this is a totally separate application from that of CKIN at 106.3 FM. There has been some confusion as a result of both proposed signals being in the 106 range.

But if Mike FM does get approval for 106.7, bear in mind that this is also the frequency currently used for the Mohawk pirate country radio station, KKIC. Now that could open up a whole other can of worms.

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Global adds record amount of Canadian content… well, not really

What’s in store for viewers and why are some of the claims about the network’s Canadian content misleading?

The main highlight of the new fall line-up on Global could be the return of Glee which, needless to say, turned out to be a huge hit last season. Aside from that, there’s American Dad, which isn’t as big, but its season premiere is still noteworthy nonetheless simply because it happens to be their 100th episode. Of course, that also means one could expect to see daily reruns somewhere on the dial in the near future.

Read my full article.

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Peter Anthony Holder on “misguided” CJAD/CFRB haters

In an exclusive interview, he shares how he appreciates the support from his fans, but that he holds no resentment whatsoever towards his former employer.

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Most FIFA World Cup Games are on Montreal radio… technically

(UPDATE: a few minor changes were made based on the comment left by fagstein)

I’m usually stuck at the office in the daytime when most of the games are on live. I’m not anywhere near a TV and I have limited access to internet.

How can I follow the World Cup? How about the radio?

Officially most of the games aren’t on local radio, but if you’re aware of the hidden gems of the Montreal radio dial, you can find them. Turns out, you can find almost all of them, including evening repeats.

I stumbled across the soccer game between Germany and Ghana today by accident, while trying to find a newscast. What I found, was actually CBC TV’s audio feed on 87.75 FM, which can be heard on either 87.7 FM or 87.9 FM.

Actually, I had known about this radio signal, but it’s usually a useless one, for the most part, as it is quite literally nothing more than the audio feed of over-the-air channel 6. But today, it was worth listening to. This little known FM frequency can be practical whenever the CBC carries live sports events like Soccer or Hockey Night in Canada. It’s also handy for listening to CBC’s newscasts in the car.

There are a few drawbacks, as the commentators will occasionally assume that you can see what they’re talking about. Yet for the most part, it’s not all that different from listening to actual radio play-by-play.

Just a reminder: if you don’t live in Montreal or if you want actual radio coverage, Sirius Satellite Radio is carrying all of the games and CBC Radio One will carry the last four games. Also, more info on television and online coverage available here, in my previous article.


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Finding the FIFA World Cup soccer games on Canadian TV is easy

Good news for viewers; all matches from South Africa will be televised. However, for those who crave the 3D hype, options may be limited.

Read more at Suite101: Finding the FIFA World Cup Soccer Games on Canadian TV is Easy. (Includes info about non-TV options like radio and internet)
By the Way: I found this World Cup TV Schedule on another blog, which is actually easier to read than the one the CBC has online. Plus, it includes the Telelatino (TLN) games and even tells you which ones are in Spanish and Italian. Finally, if you really want to torture yourself with American coverage, there’s this schedule, which includes the ABC games.


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Tweet, tweet

Brave New TV is now on twitter!

Now you can follow my tweets whenever you want.

Yes, that’s right… You, the fans…  All three of you!

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