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NBC’s Love Bites:  Enjoy it while it lasts

Love Bites

Love Bites - Image courtesy of Channel Canada/Global Television

Note: This review was written by Steve Hatton for Channel Canada and is reprinted here with permission. This review may contain some spoilers.

An advanced viewing of the new, romantic-comedy series Love Bites revealed a few things I wasn’t expecting, things that could either make or break it.  Even though it might be a refreshing change from what is normally seen on television, the pilot’s anthology-style format not only surprised me and left me wondering at times but it also created a few credibility issues.

The one-hour long episode consists of three different stories. Each one is independent from the other except for a few casual references to the preceding story scattered here and there, I guess to make sure that American audiences aren’t completely perplexed as to what is going on. In reality, though, the references are sometimes forced and are just more distracting than anything else.  All told, it felt like I was watching three short films back to back.

The separate plots that make Love Bites unique may also end up being its Achilles’ heel. Viewers are just not used to anthology-style TV and some might be put off by it. Sure, The Twilight Zone and The Honeymooners also had episodes with multiple stories, but those haven’t been on mainstream television in a long time.

In addition, there are a few aspects of the various plots I had a hard time believing. In one of the stories, an accountant finds himself out of a job as the result of a new software capable of doing his work. To make matters worse, he comes home early to find out that his wife has a new vibrator which, apparently, can do the job better than he can.

While the premise that he’s been replaced by a machine in both the workplace and the bedroom is smart, I had a hard time buying that the latter would become more of a preoccupation than the former.  His worries about money are essentially nonexistent.

I also had a hard time believing that his coworker, who was also fired, didn’t jump at an opportunity to take his high-paying job back because he got work as a clerk in a sex shop. Had the story had more time to develop, I might have been able to see it, but instead it seemed contrived solely so that they could quickly move the plot ahead to focus on the love and sex part.

Credibility is also an issue in another storyline featuring Judd (Greg Grunberg), a married guy who contemplates whether or not he will sleep with his all-time favourite celebrity Jennifer Love Hewitt, after he accidentally runs into her on an airplane. As luck would have it, she is on his list of famous people that couples tend to have which allow a spouse to have a free pass, meaning that it wouldn’t even be considered cheating according to his own wife. So just exactly how is this suppose to be a dilemma? I mean, really, how many ways are there to say yes?

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Betty White and George Lopez helping viewers avoid TV reruns

Betty White on Beat The Clock - Courtesy of Dan Kowal

Betty White on Beat The Clock - Courtesy of Dan Kowal

Some time slots normally filled with same-old same-old repeats are suddenly airing all-new programming.

The surprise summer hit has to be the Canadian cop show, filmed in Toronto and exported to the US, by the name of Rookie Blue. As the title implies, Rookie Blue follows a group of young cops who have just graduated from the Academy. Unfortunately, there has been some criticism that the plot is a little unrealistic and revolves too much around the personal lives of these characters who are just a little too good looking to be taken seriously as cops.

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Global adds record amount of Canadian content… well, not really

What’s in store for viewers and why are some of the claims about the network’s Canadian content misleading?

The main highlight of the new fall line-up on Global could be the return of Glee which, needless to say, turned out to be a huge hit last season. Aside from that, there’s American Dad, which isn’t as big, but its season premiere is still noteworthy nonetheless simply because it happens to be their 100th episode. Of course, that also means one could expect to see daily reruns somewhere on the dial in the near future.

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G20: Global TV News caught lying to viewers in a really stupid way

According to the Northern Insights blog, “Global TV salted its report by adding unrelated footage to its video report on the Toronto G20 demonstrations.”

Apparently, what it boils down to is that it didn’t occur to Global that viewers would notice anything suspicious regarding their footage of hooligans destroying a newspaper distribution box in Vancouver, in their story about at a protest which supposedly took place in Toronto.

Oh… and did I mention that the footage shows the words “Vancouver Sun” clearly visible on the newspaper stand?

Also, the blog states the Global TV created the impression that attendance at the G20 protest was lower than expected by quoting  an attendance figure which they pretty much pulled out of their ass.

Read the full story, complete with video, here.

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Fall TV schedules 2010

The complete prime time Global, CBC, CTV, /A\, Historia!, CityTV, OMNI, US and other fall schedules all available now, complete with program descriptions.

Among the highlights: The return of Hawaii Five-O (Video Preview).

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