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Aaron Rand on life after CFQR: I don’t think I’m done

His final morning show at 92.5 the Q will be on Thursday, but those who think that this will be the last time we hear him on Montreal radio may be wrong.

“I don’t think I’m done,” was his answer when asked if he’s going to miss radio. “I’m looking at the possibility of doing some other things. I’ve had some talks with people and hopefully something will come from it.”

Would any future radio plans for Rand include Paul Zakaib, better known as Tasso Patsikakis, his sidekick throughout most of his career?

More of my interview with Aaron Rand at Suite101.com


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WWBI TV-27 now officially dead

Since SMC Communications, the owners of WWBI-LP Channel 27 Plattsburgh, never filed a renewal application, the license is now cancelled and the call sign WWBI-LP has been deleted by the FCC on March 29. Note that they have been off the air since mid-2007, according to Wikipedia.

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50 Years of CJOH-TV Ottawa in a nutshell

CJOH's Eye On Ottawa promo 1989

CJOH's Eye On Ottawa promo 1989

Following in the footsteps of CFTO and CFCF, now CJOH-TV is also celebrating 50 years of local TV. As a result, I thought it would be a good idea if I, once again, gave myself permission to republish an edited and updated version of the trivial facts of Channel 13 from my old TV Hat website (now defunct). The Ottawa television station began broadcasting, for the very first time, on March 12, 1961, at noon. The CTV Ottawa website has a special section dedicated to its 50-year history.


Before they became stars

A number of well-known people got their start at CJOH-TV including Peter Jennings and Alanis Morissette. Jennings was a local news anchor, although he actually made his TV debut as the host of the station’s teen show called Saturday Date in 1962. Alanis Morrisette’s first TV appearance was on a kids show called You Can’t Do That On Television where she was a regular. YCDTOT was syndicated to other Canadian channels, such as CFCF, and to the Nickelodeon cable channel in the States. YTV also picked up the show later on in reruns.

CJOH was also the former flagship centre for CTV’s national newscasts, the very first of which originated from the Ottawa studio in November 1962. Sunday Edition with Mike Duffy also originated from the Ottawa station where it was distributed to other Canadian channels (mostly Baton but CFCF as well). Later it became an official CTV show.

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Smallville and Supernatural preempted this week… for nothing

CHCH-TV Hamilton

CHCH-TV Hamilton

Viewers looking for Smallville and Supernatural on Friday were left disappointed. The CW Network, in the US, has pushed back the return of these shows by one week and the last-minute change applies to Canadian stations as well. CHCH Hamilton and CJNT Montreal, which would normally simulcast those shows on Friday, were also forced to pull them. Meanwhile, even Space, which carries Smallville Sundays at 9 ET/6 PT and Supernatural Wednesdays at 10 ET, will have to wait an extra week.

So what exactly happened? What it boils down to is the CW was afraid that the return of Vampire Diaries and Nikita, this past Thursday, wouldn’t do so well given that Nikita was going up against Idol and that Vampire Diaries would be preempted in Chicago because of local coverage of the mayoralty candidates debate, among other reasons. (Yes, believe it or not, the programming decisions made by WGN Chicago can have an impact on CJNT Montreal.)

So the CW, in their limited wisdom, decided to rerun those shows again on Friday night, thereby preemepting the return of Smallville and Supernatural, while making the fans of the Friday shows feel less important than those of the Thursday night line-up.

The programming change has since been criticized as something that may end up backfiring for it has created a backlash among viewers. Plus, the CW’s Thursday night ratings proved to be not so bad after all. In other words, we went through all that trouble for nothing.


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CJNT: We have a logo (Updated)

Metro 14 Montreal (CJNT-TV)

Metro 14 Montreal (CJNT-TV)

CORRECTION: There was a misunderstanding regarding the date of Metro 14 Montreal’s debut. It will be on February 2.

Following months of delay, CJNT-TV has revealed what their new logo will look like, as the station will finally become known as Metro 14 Montreal.

In addition, CJNT will also replace the generic names for it’s programming. For an example, Top 40 Music Videos will be renamed The Main Line and Canadian Indie Music Videos will be known as True North Music Videos. It looks like the change will officially take place on February 2.

There’s also a new website coming soon at www.metro14.ca. Actually, the link already works but if you go there right now, you’ll find mostly outdated information from the CanWest Global era.

As a disclaimer, it should be pointed out that this is not the first time CJNT has promised us a new name and logo in the coming weeks. The switchover was originally supposed to occur in the fall. This time, however, given that they actually produced the new logo and a schedule, it’s probably for real.

If you want my two cents, all I’ll say is that it’s nice to see a Montreal TV logo with an actual channel number. It feels like local television is still alive. Take note CTV.


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50 years of CFCF-12 Montreal in a nutshell


Magic Tom - CFCF-TV 12

CFCF is celebrating 50 years of local TV on January 20th. As a result, I thought it would be a good idea if I gave myself permission to republish an edited and updated version of the history of Channel 12 from my old TV Hat website (now defunct).

On a side note, if you’re looking for images and video of CFCF’s past, the CTV Montreal website has pretty much opened up the floodgates and put up a whole bunch of memories. Plus, a special 50th retrospective will air during the second half of the news on Jan. 20 at 6 and again the next day on the noon broadcast.

Also, Fagstein offers a few thoughts on CFCF and why local shows aren’t being produced anymore. And finally, a reminder, you can also find images, like the one above, on my TV Montreal Media Fun Facebook page, including those of Johnny Jellybean, Magic Tom, other vintage CFCF-12 pics and some provided by Producer and Director Sidney M. Cohen.



This station began operation on January 20th, 1961, in a small temporary studio below a dance hall. The exact location was the old Avon Theatre at 215 Laurier Street. The early broadcasts of Pulse News were a sound engineers’ nightmare on Friday nights as music from upstairs crept down into the newsroom during the show. Fortunately, it wasn’t too long before the station moved into its permanent home at 405 Oglivy Avenue in Montreal’s north end Park Extension neighbourhood, where it remained for forty years. In 2003, they moved to 1205 Papineau Avenue.
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ABC’s ‘Off the Map’ talent from Montreal

Off the Map‘s Rachelle Lefevre – Photo by fashion photographer Anthony Citrano

ABC debuts a new drama, which some are hoping will be the next Grey’s AnatomyOff the Map is actually brought to us by some of the same people who helped create Grey’s Anatomy and is about young American doctors starting their life over at a hospital in South America. But what makes the show interesting to someone like me is that there are, not one, but two Montreal actors in it. They are Caroline Dhavernas and Rachelle Lefevre.

You may have seen Dhavernas in M. Night Shyamalan’s Devil or  as Vera Keller in HBO’s The Pacific. Those of us who are Canucks may also recognize her from the 2009 Genie Award winning Passchendaele, which won for Best Motion Picture. Her TV work started as early as the age of 8, as a dubbed voice on the French Canadian version of English shows like Babar. In 2004, she starred in the Canada/US co-production Wonderfalls. Now at age 32, she will be playing the role of Lily Brenner on Off the Map.

Lefevre, 32, also has a pretty impressive resume. She can be seen in Barney’s Version, currently out in theatres. She also starred as Victoria in Twilight and its sequel New Moon. Her television debut was on YTV and Fox Family Channel’s Big Wolf on Campus, known in Montreal for its scenes filmed at John Abbott College. Now, she will play Ryan Clark in the new ABC drama.

Off the Map
Wednesdays at 10/9c on Global/ABC

Update – A couple reviews so far:

Not Bad. Not Bad. I see some potential there.

Heather B, Virgin Radio 96

This Off the Map show apparently is set on another planet, where there are no unattractive doctors and the laws of physics don’t apply.

Steve Faguy of Fagstein Blog (via @fagstein)

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