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Aaron Rand on life after CFQR: I don’t think I’m done

His final morning show at 92.5 the Q will be on Thursday, but those who think that this will be the last time we hear him on Montreal radio may be wrong.

“I don’t think I’m done,” was his answer when asked if he’s going to miss radio. “I’m looking at the possibility of doing some other things. I’ve had some talks with people and hopefully something will come from it.”

Would any future radio plans for Rand include Paul Zakaib, better known as Tasso Patsikakis, his sidekick throughout most of his career?

More of my interview with Aaron Rand at Suite101.com


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CFQR 92.5 Program Director tired of talk about Tasso

This is what Brian DePoe, Program Director at 92-5 the Q, had to say recently, about negative feedback he has received regarding the whole Tasso and Suzanne thing.

Please. Can we put to rest all of this speculation about Tasso and Suzanne? The show was in LAST place in the ratings. Last. It had to change… Please. Stop with this juvenile assessment and wishing for the old days. They are gone. What’s there now is a show that is doing better and has a shot at being even better yet. Anything else is pure innuendo and B.S…. Please. I am sick, tired, and bored with that whole line of illogic.

Er… Hmm… Okay, that seems a bit harsh.

Could there not have been other reasons why things weren’t going well at the Q? Poor public relations maybe?…  I’m just throwing that out there as a random example.

To be fair, DePoe’s comments weren’t so much aimed at the general public, but rather at a few individuals on the Radio in Montreal Yahoo! Group who were engaged in a discussion about some of the cost-cutting measures Corus had put into place prior to selling the Q, and other Quebec stations, to Cogeco, as well as whether or not the letting go of Paul Zakaib (Tasso) and Suzanne Desautels were part of those measures. But nevertheless, Yahoo! Groups are a public forum whereby anybody can stumble upon his entire rant at any time.

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